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Main Street Crestview is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to the revitalization and development of historic downtown Crestview. Our vision for the downtown area is to create a safe, culturally rich, and architecturally preserved downtown that is vibrant and eye-appealing, family and community oriented, and commercially viable. Our mission is to establish a partnership between the public and private sectors dedicated to revitalizing downtown Crestview, with emphasis on community livability, economic restructuring, and historic preservation.

More specifically, Main Street Crestview:

  • Promotes the historic preservation, protection and use of Crestview's traditional downtown area, especially the area's commercial enterprises
  • Takes remedial actions to eliminate the physical, economic, and social deterioration of Crestview's traditional downtown area and thereby promotes Crestview's historic preservation and contributes to its community betterment while lessening the burdens on Crestview's government
  • Disseminates information about and promotes interest in the preservation, history, culture, architecture, and public use of Crestview's traditional downtown area
  • Aids, works with, and participates in the activities of other organizations, individuals, and public and private entities located within and outside Crestview engaged in similar purposes.

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